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518 Talent Shines On TV
Year after year, Matt would come “home” to Bethlehem and work with the local baseball teams not for money. He was just being a good guy. Quatraro will be a major league manager in the next few years. His name is constantly mentioned in big league managerial searches. There are only 30 of those jobs in the world. Pretty cool representative of the 518.
Shen’s Ian Anderson Ruined Levack’s Birthday [AUDIO]
One of the coolest things for a sports talk host from the Capital Region is seeing homegrown talent make it to the big leagues. That is unless that homegrown talent OWNS your favorite team in their debut. That's exactly what happened when Shen graduate Ian Anderson made his MLB debut for the Atlanta Braves against MY New York Yankees on my birthday no less.
Mets Plan Paying Off
After Noah Syndergaard took the mound Monday in spring training against opposing hitters for the first time in 2014, one thing should be readily apparent to Mets fans. The Mets have a plan. They are in a position to be good -- sooner rather than later...
Braves Outfielder Jason Heyward Makes Game-Winning Diving Catch [VIDEO]
On Monday afternoon, I heard Bruce Jacobs discuss how one of his dogs got "skunked" over the weekend and he doesn't understand how someone is supposed to keep tomato juice in their house to cure the stench. He also dealt out some trash talk for Atlanta Braves fans, in preparation for this week's 4-game series at Citi Field.
Yasiel Puig Finally Has A Tough Day
He is baseball's newest phenom in terms of position players.  He may have saved Don Mattingly's job in Los Angeles.  He went on camera and said he was the best Dodger player.  He went on camera and said he was the best-looking Dodger.  Everything was perfect for Yasiel Puig until July 12.
John Rocker Utters Another Dumb Comment
Don't worry if you are 1 of those on guard 24 hours a day for alleged or real racist or gay slurs. This time the former Atlanta Braves closer, and a few other clubs, opened his mouth about steroids and how the game was better with the players juicing and cheating...

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