Manny Ramirez Retires
Manny Ramirez is a dirtbag.  Instead of serving a suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs for the second time, he decided to retire.  This story should all tell us one very important thing.
Clippers Still Stink
Blake Griffin is having a great season for the Los Angeles Clippers.  The Clippers are improving, but this weekend they reminded us that they're still horrid.
Andrew Luck Is Crazy
Andrew Luck would be the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft this April.  Andrew Luck would sign a contract worth roughly $50 million dollars in guaranteed money.  The only problem is that Andrew Luck is a bozo.
NBC Drops Puck In Winter Classic
So if you watched the NHL's Winter Classic on Saturday night, please raise your hand.
Ok, now that I got the attention of 17 people, let me give you my thoughts on the NHL's "Showcase event".