Art Briles Fired Amid Controversy
Despite building a highly successful football program over the last few years, Baylor has parted ways with head coach Art Briles amid controversy.
According to the Pepper Hamilton report, Baylor the University and Baylor the football program were not appropriate in their handling of students and stud…
Isaiah Austin Gets His Draft Moment
After the dust had settled from the NBA lottery last night, commissioner Adam Silver provided the best moment of the entire draft.
Baylor forward Isaiah Austin was expected to be drafted before learning that he had a rare genetic disorder called Marfan Syndrome that will prohibit him from ever playin…
Which NY Team Had The Best Draft-Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
The Bills filled needs. The Jets took some chances. The Giants puzzles me. That's my snap shot thoughts on the draft. Let me add this- I am a draft by position need guy. Not a best athlete guy unless he is off the charts. The really good teams can adopt that philosophy and it works but if you h…

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