Bud Light

Fashion Police
Minnesota Vikings standout wide receiver, Charles Johnson, joined Armen and Levack to discuss the bright future the Vikings may have and if Adrian Peterson may be coming back?Plus, the second year NFL player is all up into fashion too. He was a fan of the Bud Light hat that the boys gave him...
Outside Radio Row
Right outside Radio Row in Phoenix, the NFL will have their Super Bowl Rings on display, as Armen gives you a tour.
The Bunker
It was a long day of travel but arriving at the hotel just past midnight was more glorious than ever expected as Armen and Levack opened the door to their Bud Light Bunker.
Armen and Levack Travel Diary: Day 1
The last we saw of Armen and Levack, they were giving away a Super Bowl trip to Nick Bagnardi of Ballston Lake, who won our #BudLightSuperBowlSendoff. Nick is going to the Super Bowl, but Armen and Levack almost weren't... They nearly missed their connecting flight on the way to Super Bowl after a delay in Albany...
Best Super Bowl Commercials
Choosing the 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2014 was no easy task, but we have narrowed this year's library of amazing ads down to the best of the best.