Thanksgiving Day Games Are Huge
Happy Thanksgiving! In between the eating and socializing with family, we'll all undoubtedly sneak away to the couch to watch some football!
Unlike past Turkey Days, the first game of the afternoon could actually be entertaining and has meaning...
Sports Transcending Sports: 9/11 and More
I watched the President's speech Sunday night.  I watched with a smile as Americans flooded the streets and celebrated the day.  But at the same time I realized that this day served as a reminder, a vivid representation of a time nearly ten years ago, when one September morning the name of Osama bin…
Charlie Sheen is to TV as T.O. is to Football
So I'm flipping through channels the other day and I come across Major League.  It made me think.  What in God's name has happened to Charlie Sheen.  Dude's such a good actor, just not great with other people, I guess.  Then it hits me.  Charlie Sheen = T.O.  It may seem like an apple to orange comp…
Redskins Should Be On Hard Knocks
If there's an NFL season or even an NFL training camp, the Tampa Bay Buccanneers are the early favorite to be the featured team on HBO's Hard Knocks.
But my vote is for the Washington Redskins - and not because I'm a fan.