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Forget the Sales! It's a Big Game Weekend in New York!
As millions across New York stuff their turkeys and their faces, while preparing to shop until they drop, others will set out this weekend on very different trips. Thanksgiving has always been a marked holiday weekend for hunters, as for many, it is the only long weekend they have during 'Big Game Season' in the Empire State. As many as 700,000 residents hunt in New York State and nearly 50,000 non-residents come here to do the same.
Should New York Hunters Be Testing Deer for COVID-19?
As New Yorkers ease into the thick of deer hunting season, the questions on their minds are usually ones that have to do with location and weather. Certainly few have had to ponder, 'does this deer that I am aiming at have COVID-19?' Well, one study done by researchers at Penn State University says hunters may want to think again.
Disease May Be Killing New York Deer at an Alarming Rate
New York State deer hunting season in the Northern Zone, of which we belong in the Capital Region, began the second week of September and will run through the end of January. According to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, the 2020 deer harvest was more than 253,000 white tail deer, a 13% increase over 2019. Those are exciting numbers for the field sports community. Hunters and guides have been scouting the woods since the summer months, planning for their big game opportunities and maybe a shot at that deer of a lifetime.
New York Hunters Like Big Antlers & Voluntary DEC Program
Deer hunting season is upon us in New York State. Bowhunters are roaming the woods looking for that once-in-a-lifetime white-tailed deer. I am not a hunter but fish enough to have a lot of friends that are hunters. My brain can only handle my fishing obsession. Through the years, I have heard people say that all of the big bucks are gone and to some extent that is true, based on quantity. However, the quality of New York State white-tail deer is still out there.