Doug Kezirian

ESPN Vegas Insider Previews Big Game Bets [INTERVIEW]
Doug Kezirian has been covering Sports Wagering longer than most of us were able to take part. Now that many states including New York are softening their stance on gambling on sports Kezirian is able to share his insight on multiple platforms. If you're looking for knowledge about how to bet, …
Betting Insiders Preview Super Bowl 54 Prop Bets [AUDIO]
With the law makers in New York legalizing Sports Betting earlier this year it's opened a different way to preview the Big Game. With multiple Sports Betting insiders Joining us I decided to put them all in one blog to give us all the best chance to potentially cash in on Super Bowl 54.
What Does The NBA And MGM Merger Mean For Legal Wagering? [AUDIO]
Now that states are open to legislate their own gambling rules and laws the major sports entities are looking for ways to make cash. MLB has spoke before the New York legislature, NFL and NHL have teams in Las Vegas and the NBA has found the first way to profit. ESPN Sportscenter Anchor and "Be…