Presidential Beer History
In observance of President's Day we take a look back at how much those who have held the office of President appreciated beer. As a matter of fact, beer was considered safer than water when the Pilgrims arrived, and they landed where they did because they were running out of beer.
The Three C’s of Pairing Beer + Food
Beer. It’s your buddy at the game, with a slice of pizza, on the lawnmower, between frames, and sometimes standing around the grill. It should be your buddy elsewhere too and with just a tad bit of knowledge you’ll be able to have your bff beer with you more often than you do now. When’s the last ti…
Have Another! Researchers Say Booze Helps Creativity at Work
For time eternal, musicians, writers and artists have had a special relationship with booze. Alcoholism does have a genetic component, but new research indicates something else may be responsible for the drunken antics of your favorite rock stars: knocking back a few makes people more creative.