Hogan’s DraftKings Advice For The Divisional Round
We're back for another week in the NFL Playoffs. If your favorite team lost this past weekend, don't be to bummed out you can now put all your focus into your Daily Fantasy Football Lineup for DraftKings. Check out the plays for this week and make sure to check out every week to see a new …
Are You A Fantasy Football Junkie?
I could sit here and tell you about how excited I am about the Redskins win over the Giants last week.  But I'm not going to lie - that's not really what made me happy in week #1 of the NFL season.
Both of my fantasy football teams had a really good week.  And what I'm about …
Don’t Do What I Do!
As the Fantasy Football playoffs get ready to kick off this weekend, I’ve got some good advice for you…..
Fantasy Hoops & The Decision
I am a fantasy sports junkie.  I've played fantasy football since 1999.  I've been doing fantasy baseball since 2006.
But I've reached a new level of my "fantasy geekdom"....