Baseball and Fireworks Return to The Joe in June
Major League Baseball is finally back this week and we also found out that our local Minor League team will be back in June. The Tri-City Valley Cats announced that their season will begin on June 4th. They also said that fireworks will be part of some of the home games after parties.
July 4th Fireworks Shows In Albany Area in 2013
With the Fourth of July fast approaching, there are a ton of fireworks shows to choose from in the Albany area. Never fear, however, because we're here to put together a list of the very best ones so that you can get ready for the one closest to you, or start a new tradition and head to another…
5,000 Pounds of Fireworks Exploded all at Once
This is crazy awesome.  Everything from bottle rockets to firecrackers all blown up at once, its like a firework show designed for ADHD. I have never seen so much fun at once. If your thinking “What a Waste” think if some one asked me to blow up 5,000 pounds of firew…