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Aaron Judge’s Injury Might Be More Serious Than The Yankees Are Saying [AUDIO]
This week's interview with ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney might be my favorite conversation I've ever had with him. That's saying a lot considering I look forward to Thursday's at 3:15 pm EST all baseball season because Buster has amazing insight. This week not only did Buster provide great insight into the MLB but he also attempted to decipher Yankees manager Aaron Boone and previews an amazing interview with Freddie Freeman that'll air this Sunday.
All For Nothing
In an ironic twist, after weeks of debate, in some cases anger, in most cases just good old fashion debate, both national league players at the heart of the debate, Freedy Freeman of the Braves and Yasiel Puig of the Dodgers will miss the 83rd all star game at Citifield Tuesday night because of injuries...
Yasiel Puig Finally Has A Tough Day
He is baseball's newest phenom in terms of position players.  He may have saved Don Mattingly's job in Los Angeles.  He went on camera and said he was the best Dodger player.  He went on camera and said he was the best-looking Dodger.  Everything was perfect for Yasiel Puig until July 12.