Jimmy Graham

7 Year Old Girl Is Very Upset Over Jimmy Graham Trade [VIDEO]
Sports can break your heart. There are few things that truly don't make a difference in your day to day life that hurt more than your favorite team letting you down. This poor 7 year old girl learned a tough lesson yesterday when the New Orleans Saints traded her favorite player Jimmy Graham to…
NFL To Penalize Dunking On Goalposts For Upcoming Season
As the NFL meetings get underway in Orlando this week, the new rules are proposed and voted upon. The newest proposal, which would penalize players for dunking the ball through the goalposts after a touchdown in form of celebration, was passed, and now has been put in place.
Graham Wants To Be Someone He's Not
Never before has Saints' Jimmy Graham had a problem with being labeled as a tight end.
Not while being listed on the All-Pro Team. Not when attending the Pro Bowl. No issue with it when compared to the best tight ends the game has ever seen...