Joe Calderone

Audino Done at Union (AUDIO)
After 24 years as the head coach at Union College, football coach John Audino is out. It's being called a "retirement," but it's also added that he is "pursuing other coaching opportunities."
Today, prior to "Capital Region Sports Saturday,&q…
The Teams Joe Calderone Does 40yd Dash (Video)
After every NFL combine everyone wants to know about one stat. What did they run their 40 in?
Well as a team today we wanted to put someone through the gauntlet of the NFL combine, of course we nominated our own Joe Calderone who you can hear Mon-Fri 3-7 on the Joe&Brix show.
Where Was Joe Calderone?
Earlier today, Joe Calderone called Armen on his cell phone while Armen was still on the air. Curious as to why Calderone would call a radio show talk host during his radio show, Armen called back Joe LIVE on the Zappone phone.
What was Calderone doing...