How Far Will Syracuse Go In The NCAA Tournament
The Syracuse Orange started the 2013-14 season in historic fashion. Getting off to a 25-0 start and sitting as the unanimous No.1 in the AP poll, many thought this was going to be a Syracuse team that was destined for a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament...
Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti To Divorce
What's in the water in Darlington?  Perhaps the "curves" at the Brickyard are too dangerous? Who knows? I do know this: Danica Patrick's divorce pales to that of Dario Franchitti.
The three time Indy 500 winner and his more famous wife Ashley Judd have decided to part…
Wondering If Albany Would React The Same As Kentucky?
Events after the final 4 game between Kentucky and Louisville have me wondering. Would
morons, thugs and idiots cause such a disruption that police would need to come in and turn on the pepper spray to disperse fools that decide, in the name of winning a game, to torch cars, cause harm, burn furnitur…
UPS Outrages Kentucky Fans With New Ad
File this under “You've Gotta Be Kidding Me.” Today, UPS‘ PR team released a statement addressing their NCAA “logistics” themed commercial that they've been running during tournament. The commercial features clips of the famous Christian Laettner buzzer beater that beat Kentucky in the National Cham…
Stupid Basketball: A Scathing Missive
They say never go to bed angry.  But they also say it's best to cool down and not speak from anger. I've chose to ignore both pieces of advice.  Why?  Because despite the general disarray of all of my brackets, one was alive - if Kentucky could beat UConn, I'd win the money.  Then the game happened.…
Calipari: Cheater or Winner?
Congrats - John Calipari and Kentucky are in the Final Four for the first time since the late 90's.
But I'm not impressed.
Sorry - it's like a kid cheating on an exam and then wanting credit for being smart.
He's a cheater.  Period.
2011 Final Four Is Set
The 2011 Final Four is set.  I don't know who in their right mind could've actually seen this group of teams making it to Houston.  Each squad has a very interesting storyline.
A Historic Final Four is Set
The 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball tournament Final Four is now all set! Only one person in America predicted all final four teams correctly with Kentucky, UConn, Butler, and the big surprise, VCU making it to Houston, TX.
Why did only one person get all the Final Four teams right? Well that's …

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