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Lavar Vs Lonzo On Lip Sync Battle [VIDEO]
For the last week Goz and I have been speaking about the latest episode of Lip Sync Battle fearturing a batlle between Lavar and Lonzo Ball. It gets funny fast as Lavar instantly say that's no son of mine and the Lonzo let's Lavar know he needs to "Humble himself."
Shaq disses Lavar Ball
Shaquille O'Neil will never be accused of being shy but compared to Lavar Ball he's quiet. He's been one of the most successful NBA players of all time and maybe the first to truly leverage his on court skills into super-stardom off the hard wood...
Lavar Ball and Ball Family Invades WWE
Yes that is indeed a picture of Lavar Ball, father of the Ball Brothers with his shirt off on national television. Ball made an appearance last night on WWE's Monday Night Raw as a special guest along with his sons on WWE Superstar The Miz's talk show "Miz TV"...