The Saratoga LG Boot Bet Is Back!!!
Last year Levack, Goz and Closer all put their money where their mouth is and followed it with a boot full of beer. The LG Boot Bet is a chance for us all to compete and you to laugh at how bad we are. Last year Goz won by basically not betting do the rules have changed and the stakes are bigger than ever!
Recap The Boot Bet And Break Down The Whitney [AUDIO]
The Lg Boot Bet between Levack, Goz and Closer is going strong and even with a big win today Closer is still a distant third. Listen to get the full update on the current standing and who's closer to enjoying a glass boot full of the beer of the winners choosing just listen to the recap.
Goz Takes An Early #LGBootBet Lead
The LG Boot Bet has been fun and insightful already. Brian "The Closer" Mariano has proven he has to bet each and every race, Me (Levack) bets almost as many and then there's Goz who is sitting back barely betting hoping we lose all out money.