The Voice Of Super Bowl 54 Joins Levack And Goz [AUDIO]
When it comes voices you associate with great sports moments, Kevin Harlan's voice is the top of the list. Kevin Harlan will be the voice of Super Bowl 54 right here on 104.5 The Team this Sunday. Harlan was nice enough to join Levack and Goz on Radio Row at the Miami Beach Convention Center.
Mike Golic Sr Joins Levack And Goz In Miami [AUDIO]
Mike Golic Sr has been a morning radio staple in the Capital Region for years. Golic and Wingo are such favorites that the Beef Jerky Outlet wanted to make sure they sent a little care package along with us to Radio Row. The Big Fella breaks down the Super Bowl and the biggest stories from Radio Row…
Mike Golic Jr Joins Levack And Goz On Radio Row SB 54 [AUDIO]
Every morning you wake up with Golic and Wingo right here on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio and one of the voices that wakes you up is Mike Golic Jr. Golic Jr has quickly raised through the ESPN ranks and now shares a morning show with his father and Trey Wingo. Golic Jr AKA GoJo breaks down Super Bowl 5…
Betting Insiders Preview Super Bowl 54 Prop Bets [AUDIO]
With the law makers in New York legalizing Sports Betting earlier this year it's opened a different way to preview the Big Game. With multiple Sports Betting insiders Joining us I decided to put them all in one blog to give us all the best chance to potentially cash in on Super Bowl 54.
Field Yates Previews Super Bowl 54 [AUDIO]
Is Patrick Mahomes the modern day Steve Young? Are the 49ers building the next NFL dynasty? Which New York Team is the closest to playing on Super Bowl Sunday? We asked all that and more when we spoke to ESPN NFL and Fantasy Football Insider Field Yates.
Mark Schlereth Predicts Super Bowl 54 With Levack And Goz [AUDIO]
Three time Super Bowl Champion Mark Schlereth has not only won the Super Bowl but he's covered countless more. He breaks down how the offensive Lines could decide the big game and who he thinks will be triumphant this Sunday. Of Course we also have to ask Stink about news all around the NFL.
The Brandon Lang Interview We Couldn’t Air [AUDIO]
There are times we know better than to go live with a guest. We love Vegas Insider Brandon Lang and conversations with him are always interesting to say the least but we've been told to proceed with caution. Good thing we did today because Lang was no only ready to breakdown the NFL but also th…