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Celebration Fail
When you're in last place and have made minced meat of your payroll, plays like this are even funnier than they should be.
The Options For Phil Hughes
After this season, the Yankees have a decision to make in terms of Phil Hughes, the guy once designated for pinstripe greatness and ace-type status.  Hughes' contract (third year, arbitration eligible, one-year, $7.15 million) is up this year.  Here are the three options for the Yanks…
Harper Hits Two
Washington Nationals left fielder Bruce Harper went yard twice on Opening Day.  What record did Harper set?
Potential Alex Rodriguez Trade: Like It Or Hate It?
In the midst of another disappointing postseason for Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, a rumor has surfaced about the possibility of A-Rod being traded to the Miami Marlins. The potential deal would involve A-Rod (with whatever money NYY will cover on his deal) and either Phil Hughes or Ivan Nov…
A-Rod Trade Rumors
So now, blowhard Keith Olbermann is the "source" starting the Alex Rodriguez to the Miami Marlins trade rumors. I wonder if Benedict Arnold started a rumor if the lame media would chase after that.
In case you missed it, the media was in a frenzy yesterday over the "rumor&a…
RA Hurt All Year?
Will 20 wins be enough for a National League Cy Young Award? Will a record of 20-6, an ERA of 2.73, 230 strikeouts and two one hitters be enough to push Dickey over the top? That question will be answered soon by the baseball writers voting for the award...
Ozzie Guillen Is At It Again!
A month after vowing to tone down his act Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is at it again. No  he didn't praise another of the worlds tyrants like his gushing over Cuban dictator Fidel Castro which resulted in a 5 game suspension in April...

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