nathan's hot dog eating contest

Nine In A Row?
World Champion Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut has won the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest the last eight years in a row but the California native sure doesn't talk like it.
Stale Hot Dogs
Ok Joey Chestnut we know you can talk big game. We know you can slobber down  almost 70 hot dogs. But how many pieces of pizza can you shove down your pie hole in let's say 5 minutes? Or how many bacon cheeseburgers can you consume? 1 of America's fun 4th of July traditions is about to get under way...
Joey Chestnut Wins Hot Dog Eating Contest Again [VIDEO]
CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz may disagree with me, but I believe the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is "a tradition unlike any other." It's as much a part of celebrating the Fourth of July holiday as cookouts, the Boston Pops and fireworks at the Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany. Over the last six years, there has been one constant at this yearly tradition - a victory for Joey "J
Joey Chestnut: Great Athlete or Greatest Athlete?
Competitive eater Joey Chestnut went one for the thumb Monday to cap off this year’s Fourth of July celebration.  He ate 62 hot dogs and buns to capture his fifth straight title at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest from Coney Island.  That kind of domination puts the distinguished Mr. Chestnut in rarified air in sports.  So whether you think he’s a great athlete or the greatest athlete ever, I k
Kobayashi’s Sets World Record – Clip of the Day
  Joey Chestnut has been riding a cushy cloud for the last couple of years after Kobayashi ran into controversy with the Coney Island crew and the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest. Hey I  love my San Jose main Man Joey Chestnut and I think that Kobayashi is nothing but skinny no talent clown, but what is ying without yang,  what is Luke with out Vader,  what is Angry Birds with out the hog people..