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Should D-Wade Be Fined For “Flop”
In game two of the NBA Finals Dwayne Wade's most impactful play wasn't a made shot, or a block at the rim. It was a simple flop. In the second quarter of game two, Wade was able to draw a third foul on a heating up Manu Ginobli which sent him to the bench for the remainder of the half...
King James Answers the Call
SAN ANTONIO (AP) — The air conditioning worked just fine in San Antonio's AT&T Center Sunday night, but it couldn't stop LeBron James from heating up. The NBA Finals are tied at one game apiece after LeBron James scored 35 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in Miami's 98-96 win over the Spurs. Ja...
Heat Gets Turned Up on Miami in Game 1
SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Miami's quest for an NBA three-peat began by getting wilted in San Antonio. The Spurs closed the game on a 31-6 run to take the opener of the NBA Finals by beating the Heat 110-95. An air conditioning malfunction caused temperatures inside AT&T to approach 90 degrees. Th...
King Without A Crown
Alex Rodriguez had the goods as a baseball teenager.  Five tools is what you heard.  Talent through the roof.  And the smile and good looks to make him a TV superstar.
Larry Bird Is Back With The Indiana Pacers-AGAIN
How many times does the Phoenix Rise? How many lives do cats have? How many times will Larry Bird take over the reigns of the Indiana Pacers? Bird is back with his home town team. Bird is from French Lick, Indiana. It is his 3rd shot with the Pacers...
Spin Cycle
When things go wrong in the media world, the 24-hour- news cycle is often deemed culpable. Our fast paced society craves new facts concerning new events to digest on a new tablet with the new news app from a new blog from a new media company. Not coincidentally, a lot of nonsense gets flagged as worthwhile news to satiate hungry media consumers.
How Many NBA Titles Will LeBron James Win [POLL]
LeBron James now has two NBA titles and has played in four NBA Finals.  He can opt out of his current deal with the Heat next Summer.  No matter where he plays, he will have a chance to win championships because he is the best player in the game right now and that team's front office will likely do its best to build around him to win those titles...
Quest For Six
The Miami Heat repeated as NBA champions Thursday night, with LeBron James also repeating as series MVP. Michael Jordan, the player LeBron James is most often compared to, won six titles in his career, so James still needs four more to even out that score. Can he do it?
Not One
LeBron James scored 37 points, and the Miami Heat won their second straight title by beating the San Antonio Spurs, 95-88, in a thrilling Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals in Miami on Thursday night.

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