Producer Woods' Collegiate Big Board
With the 2017 college football season well underway, NFL scouts are already on the lookout for the next potential star. The 2017 draft class has been rumored to be one of the best quarterback classes in the past decade and there is no reason to believe it's not.
Your Team's Franchise QB Is NOT In The 2017 NFL Draft
As we come down the stretch of the college football and NFL season, many professional franchises are already looking toward the future (looking at you Cleveland Browns). With a number of talented rookie quarterbacks like Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz selected this past season, teams may be…
Tennessee Coach: "Traitor!"
The Tennessee athletic program and more specifically the football team have been under much scrutiny over the past few weeks after a lawsuit has been filed against them over having a "hostile sexual environment" in favor of the student athletes...
College Football Player Flips Coin To Decide Schools
College Nationals Signing Day, has become more of a spectacle year by year. I understand the process, it's necessary to build powerhouses, and how meaningful it is to beat out another rival school for a recruit.
I never thought that the day would involve 50 camera crews, and some 18 year-ol…