New York Nets

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend
Maybe a building doesn’t have feelings but I know many that have feelings for it. Memories that will never fade were made inside and outside. Tailgating in the parking lot for playoff games during their 4 consecutive Stanley Cup runs. Standing in the first row in front of Jerry Garcia for one of more than two dozen concerts that I’ve seen there. My dad taking me to see the circus for the very first time, awesome experiences that will not fade away.
Darryl Dawkins Passes Away At 58
NBA legend Darryl Dawkins has passed away at the age of 58. Dawkins was known for his high flying thunderous dunks, that got him maybe the coolest nickname of all time "Chocolate Thunder" . Dawkins made history when he was the first player ever to get drafted right out of high school, paving the way for many of the stars going forward...