You Buying In?
The Giants have won three games in a row, including a 4th quarter comeback last week, and are in first place in their division.
The X-Factor, Again
The Giants go up against the Redskins on Thursday Night Football and for the third week in a row, the same player is an emphasis for the opposition.
Performance Lacking
Giants wide receiver Preston Parker was released by New York on Monday and offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz says the message is simple.
Not Very Happy
Jason Pierre-Paul did not inform the Giants on the physical condition of his right hand for over two months. Could that be coming back to haunt him with the franchise possibly holding a grudge?
Feeling Better?
Odell Beckham Junior was the talk of the Giants mandatory mini-camps but not for great reason. The NFL rookie of the year missed workouts due to a hamstring injury.
Flower Power?
Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz was in the weight room on Wednesday, whenever left tackle Will Beatty tore his left pectoral muscle while working out.
No Money Complaints?
Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Junior mentioned that NFL players are underpaid and "should get more money" earlier this week. Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz reacted to Beckham's sentiment.
Odell Beckham Junior has it all, it seems, but yet less than one full season of playing in the NFL, he claims that NFL players should have more?
Extend Eli, Already!
The Giants were courteous enough to give Tom Coughlin an extension to not make him a lame duck, but they can't do the same for Eli Manning?
Jerry Reese's Comeback
It's been talked this season about how Tom Coughlin has been on the hot seat along with Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell. Somehow, Jerry Reese's name avoided the headlines and understandably so. After having a straight-forward off-season press conference last January, detailing that no one's job was safe and that everyone was going to be evaluated, Reese looked himself in the mirror and truly de