Rodger Goodell

Rodger Goodell Previews His Draft War Room [VIDEO]
The NFL Draft starts tonight at 8 pm EST and we now know where the NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell will be announcing the picks from. We already knew Goodell would be in his basement but now thanks to the commissioner's Twitter we get to see his BASEment of operations.
Should The NFL Penalize The Use Of The N-Word
The NFL is looking to eject the N-word from the football world.
The league is looking to put in place maybe the most controversial rule they have ever touched. It is said to be in place by the Fritz Pollard Alliance, a group that monitors diversity in the league...
Is It Time For The Washington"Redskins" To Change Their Name?
For over a year now the Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has been asked to change their name to something different because it offends Native Americans.
Two members of Congress plan to send a strong letter to commissioner  Rodger Goodell of the National Football League on Monday asking him to sup…
Lock Out 2011
We are fast approaching the Super Bowl; you know the game that Commissioner Goodell said he would have new collective bargaining deal worked out with the Players Union before kick off. And it’s about as far along as you would think.