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I Was Wrong on the St. Louis Trade
"You always think you're right."
I've hear that complaint occasionally, and I've never really understood it.  Of course I think I'm right. It's my opinion.  Who has an opinion they know to be wrong?
Dave Maloney Talks Ryan Callahan Trade [AUDIO]
It was a big day for the New York Rangers today, as the organization pulled off a monster of a trade, sending Captain Ryan Callahan and two draft picks to Tampa Bay for Martin St. Louis. The move was executed just hours before the trade deadline and it has been met with quite a mixed response from f…
Should the Rangers Trade Ryan Callahan? [POLL]
It's a business.
You hear that a lot these days in sports, usually right before or right after someone tells you something you're not going to like.  "Your favorite player was just cut.  Hey, it's a business."  "Ticket prices are going up. &nbs…
Linda Cohn Joins Armen Williams
The New York sports scene has plenty of fans in the national media. None, though, may be as fervent as ESPN's Linda Cohn.  Thursday, the host of the podcast "Listen Closely to Linda Cohn" sat down with Armen Williams to discuss the Giants, the Knicks and the Rangers,…
Rangers Are Toast
The Rangers were a dangerous team heading into the playoffs.  Star goalie, Rick Nash's supposed Broadway playoff hunger, depth, last year's experience of losing in the conference finals, the magic of Madison Square Garden.  Oops.
The Rangers are done...
Rangers Need Power-Play and Stars To Come Through
Goaltending-depth-star scoring-special teams.  Those are the four keys to a Stanley Cup run.  The Rangers certainly have the first one, even if Henrik Lundqvist had a bad Game 2 against the Bruins.  Other than the goalie though, the Blueshirts are in trouble.
Rangers/Bruins Preview
The Rangers and Bruins both won Game 7's in Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  New York, in less dramatic fashion, dominated Washington 5-0 to win the only road game of the series.  Boston, down 4-1 to Toronto, rallied back with three goals in less than 11 minutes, two of which came in the final …
Rangers Win The Territory Battle But Lose The Game
Real good game two of the Eastern Conference semi finals at the Garden Monday night. A late goal by Alexander Ovechkin broke a 2-2 tie and evened the series at one. The part time now captain ripped a shot past Ranger Golie  Henrik Lundqvist to lead the Caps...
Rangers Take Back The Advantage
I stopped drinking long ago. Not that I was ever much of a drinker anyway. If we get more Ranger playoff games like Monday night, I may need to hit that bottle again!
A slow-starting game that was rather dull turned fast midway through the 2nd period, and led by the scoring of Brian Boyle and the gre…

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