Super Bowl 2014

Super Bowl TV Records Break Records, Again
The NFL is a very, very powerful product.
Even though the Super Bowl's 43-8 final score proved to be an uneventful game, we all watched. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.
Super 48 at MetLife Stadium set the record for the most-watched television event in U...
Helicopter View of Super Bowl Flyover
As someone who was sitting inside of MetLife Stadium on Sunday evening, the helicopter flyover was very moving and put an exclamation point on a chilling national anthem that made me proud to be an American.
Here's the view from from Army Specialist David Wilf who shot this video out the do…
Four NFL Fans Fulfill Bucket List; Attend Super Bowl
Super Bowl 48 tickets sold for an average price of about $2,500, making it nearly impossible for the average middle-class working citizen to attend the biggest game of the year -- unless you started working on it back in 2011.
"This is a lifelong dream on the bucket list for my friends,&…
Meet Man In Skittles Suit
We found a Seattle Seahawks fan who took his obsession for Marshawn Lynch to a whole new level.
This Seattle native told us he used over 3,000 Skittles and that it took "900 man hours" to create his head-to-toe Skittles-covered suit. Lynch, of course, is well known for his love of t…
Is Peyton No. 3?
Super Bowl XLVIII's most discussed headline isn't about the Xs or the Os.
It's not about the match-up between the league's best defense and its most prolific offense.  It's not about a cornerback who thrust himself into the national spotlight two weeks ago, or the vetera…
Seahawks Player Answers Marijuana Question…Kind Of
Want to make a conversation awkward? In the middle of it, just bust out a question about whether or not they smoke weed. Yup, that happened at media day.
The question should have come as no shock to any of the players that day, with both teams hailing from states that have legalized recreational mari…
Radio Row Observations: Day 3
We still have 48 hours remaining before the biggest game of the year, yet the conference room at the Sheraton Times Square was buzzing more than ever on Wednesday!
It was crowded, chaotic and cluttered. Here's my top observations I took from the day:

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