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SNL Spoofs Blackout
If you watched the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, and most Americans did, this spoof will have you cracking up.
Super Bowl Ratings Slip
More than 108.4 million viewers watched Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday night, according to a CBS report on the Nielsen ratings. As a result, the CBS Super Bowl broadcast was the third most-watched program in television history, trailing only the 2011 and 2012 Super Bowls.
Best Super Bowl Of All-Time
In a game filled with a fight, a near-comeback from a 22-point deficit and a 34-minute blackout, some people are already calling Super Bowl XLVII the best Super Bowl in history. What do you think is the greatest Super Bowl of all-time?
Should Cary Williams Have Been Ejected From Super Bowl? [POLL]
In the immediate aftermath from Super Bowl XLVII, one of the biggest topics of conversation was the melee that occurred during the second quarter. San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick threw an interception to Baltimore safety Ed Reed, and once the play ended, there was a skirmish between sever…
Clutch Quarterbacks
During the fallout from Super Bowl XLVII, a lot of the same topics continue to be rehashed and reworded by all of the "Monday Morning Quarterbacks" in the country. However, there's one topic Brian Noe believes everybody has been ignoring that is staring them right in the face:…
Will Gerry Sandusky Receive A Super Bowl Ring?
Now that the Baltimore Ravens have completed their "effing awesome" run to a Super Bowl XLVII championship, the celebration is on in Baltimore. Instead of focusing on their next opponent or strategy, the franchise can take a little time to celebrate and anticipate receiving their champions…
The Best Super Bowl 2013 Memes
Last night's Super Bowl was certainly eventful. What with the power outage and the Beyonce's thighs, there were many jokes to be made. And joke the internet did. Some took to Twitter, others prefer more visual tactics. Here is their work. The best Super Bowl XLVII memes on the web.
Super Bowl: Was A “No-Call” The Right Call?
With less than two minutes left to play in Super Bowl 47 last night, San Francisco had a 4th-and-goal opportunity at the Baltimore five-yard line. Michael Crabtree attempted to run a corner fade route, as Colin Kaepernick threw the ball incomplete and essentially lost the game...
Williams Shoves Ref
Looks like Super Bowl 2013 is already causing controversy. During the second quarter, Ravens centerback Cary Williams shoved a referee who tried to get into a pile up.
Did You Enjoy The Super Bowl Blackout? [POLL]
The entire world was buzzing over last night's blackout during Super Bowl XLVII. Some people thought that the NFL caused the outage to let the 49ers back into the game, while others had their own conspiracy theories. The consensus, though, was that the blackout was largely annoying.
However, I c…

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