Gutsy Move By The Redskins.
Kudos to the Washington Redskins for finally making a good move. A franchise that whiffed on Albert Hainsworth, Jason Cambell, Mike Shanahan, and many other blunders came up huge aquiring the rights to the 2nd pick in the upcoming NFl draft where they will select Robert Griffin the 3rd...
Celtics Shopping Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo is one of the best point guards in the league, but he apparently has an 'attitude problem' and the Celtics aren't sure of his team building future.
Burnett Trade Is No Surprise-Bruce’s Thought of The Day
Well maybe now we know why A.J. Burnett was such a failure as a Yankee. How can you stand up to Big Poppi or Mauer or Cabrarra when you can't even stand up to your wife? That's right A.J. clearly doesn't wear the pants in his family. Pemding baseball's approval because of the money involved Burnett 33-34 for the Yanks is on his way to Pittsburgh and NOT Anaheim thanks to his spouse...
Knicks Need Nash. Now!
Patience goes only so far. Building chemistry can only take so long. These are 2 things the NY Knicks have been preaching and waiting for. The time to wait is up. It's deal time for the Knicks or face a total wipeout of this season that carried so much promise...

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