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Good Season, Not Great Season For The New York Rangers-Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
Well this season ended with a low thud. Not a loud thud as many a Rangers season has since last winning the Cup in 1993/94. Many of those seasons were marred by not even making the playoffs. Now that's a loud thud. However when you finish 2nd in points, almost win the Presidents Cup, struggle to beat the 8th and 7th seed and then succumbing to the 6th seed, and that 6th seed happens to be  the hat
Bleary Eyed Ranger Fans Today
What a game. What a team. End of a hex. Those are my feelings after another incredible playoff hockey game last night. Just think Ranger fans only 10 more wins for the Cup. Only. In triple OT the Rangers defeat the Caps and get the OT jinx off their back and take command of this Eastern Conf Semifinals with the 2-1 win...
The Great NHL Playoff Race
Sometimes I wonder how the NHL isn't more popular then it is. It has all the elements American Sports fans love. Speed. Violence. Intensity. Good people. Hard hits. Great action. etc etc etc. Oh and great parity and playoff  races. Have you looked at the standings lately...
Dark Day but Bright Future for the Rangers
The New York Rangers were bounced from the Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Washington Capitals today.  Predictably, the Rangers managed to bow out of the playoffs as an eight seed in as heartbreaking and depressing a way as you could in a five game series.  But despite the heartbreak now, the Rangers have an unquestionably bright future.
NBC Drops Puck In Winter Classic
So if you watched the NHL's Winter Classic on Saturday night, please raise your hand. Ok, now that I got the attention of 17 people, let me give you my thoughts on the NHL's "Showcase event".
Hopes For The New Year
Now that there are just 2 days left in 2010, I thought it would be a good time to look ahead to 2011.  So I've come up with a list of things I'm hoping from my sports teams next year.