Last Saturday during a Soccer match in Brazil two players began to argue a little then both hit the ground at the same time from mythical head butts. Watch the video and you see they both decide to flop at the same time. They both pretend to be the recipients of headbutts but it's so obvious neither were contacted.

We've had many calls into the show trying to talk me into loving soccer. I've been stopped in public about me "not giving it a chance." Sadly for all you pro soccer guys this is what soccer looks like to me.

Before you bring up flopping in basketball that too is super annoying but it happens less and no pretentious fans try to take the term "football" away from American football. I've never had the argument with a hoops fan that if I wasn't just a flag waving American I'd love soccer...oh sorry FUTBOL! So add that to these fools who strategically kiss and fall and I can't take soccer...until the World Cup, Then I believe... I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!!