What is funnier then a sports blooper, a sports blooper that involves animals of course. So here is a list of the top animal interference in sports. From the Smallest of flies to full grown dogs animals make sports hilarious. 

Yankee Stadium Squirrels


These guys have done a lot in both the new and old stadiums in the Bronx. They seem to have adjusted to the times, causing less problems for there Bronx Bombers while at the same time being down right rude to visiting teams.

Squirrel Attacks Local Star Brendan Harris


Wow did you see that, the squirrel just hates the crap out of Harris. He cuts right for him and probably his jugular. This squirrel was out for blood, and the blood he tried to spill was Upstate New York Blood. It just goes to show you that New York City folk always like to forget about the people from the Capitol Region. SIDE NOTE: People from the city also think Buffalo is 15 minutes away from Albany. Which everyone up here knows its at least an hour.

Squirrel mounts Foul Poll

Usually the Squirrel likes to stick to his natural habitat, and at Yankee stadium it’s about 90 feet in the air on top of the Foul Pole. I’ve seen this in person, the squirrel will pander to the crowed, making them cheer his every move.  It gets so bad people will go multiple innings just cheering for the squirrel. In their defense that only happens when AJ Burnett is starting, because honestly who wants to cheer for that.

Cat on the field at Kauffman Stadium

This thing is Crazy. A tom cat gets on the field during a Royals game a couple of years back. Like anyone at a Royals game the cat looks confused, and like it wants to leave

That cat is fast as hell, I think the Royals are thinking about signing it to pinch run. After all the fans haven’t reacted that positively to a performance on the field since the 80’s. I like to think that the cat just walked out of the stadium and no one bothered him. I also like to think that KC will be able to put a decent product on field eventually. We all know that isn’t going to happen.

Tennis Player Kills Bird         

This is pretty funny, I have no idea who any of these people are or even where this takes place, but its funny. I mean how often is tennis funny, that’s why it made the list.

Someone needs to teach that bird court side manors. You don’t dive bomb the net mid volley, that’s just rude. This bird clearly gives one side an advantage as it knocks the ball away from the guys set shot. The player then goes and pays his respects. I would of kicked the bird away swearing for making me drop a point. That bird is a disgrace to the game and should be mocked not mourned.

Guy in Dog Suit


People are the biggest animal you can smuggle into the ballpark (with the exception of the guy who got a full sized bull into the King Dome in the 80’s).  So why not put the guy who wears the Wilfred dog suit on the list. He runs on the field after a twins game and then gets tackled hard by security. I don’t know if it was filmed or just pointless advertising for the fx show.

Pretty funny, I mean considering that Wilfred seems to have burner speed.  If it wasn’t for a shoe lace tackle he could have been doing laps around the whole field. Shamelss plug or not this was pretty funny.

Bug Game  Game 2 07 ALDS


Here is a game where the little jerks actually influenced a game. It seemed like God didn’t want the Yankees to advance past Cleveland that year. I don’t know about god but some one with the power to conger up a one inning plague had money on the Tribe back in 2007.

Look at Jeter, Come on now. It was said it was the worst on the mound.  The bug Spray didn’t work and it lead to a wild pitch that scored a run. This made me so mad I almost crapped my pants (I had a very bad virus at the time, and was in the bath room every 5 minutes {this is true ask my ex girl friend}). The Yankees lost the game and eventually the series and their manager.

Randy Johnson v Bird

Alright here is the one that you have been waiting for. We all know it we all love it. So with out further ado, Randy Johnson makes a bird explode.

Yup that’s hilarious. The freaking bird has no right to the out side half of the plate. Every bird knows that, he just found out the hard way. P.S. how funny is that balls testimonial at the end of the clip. I freaking love it.