The Yankees are down but not out. After last nights controversial win over David Ortiz and the Red Sox there's the smallest signs of life for the Yankees. Those embers could be a full blown fire with more wins over the rival Red Sox.

Boston Red Sox:

David Price (L)

1. Mookie Betts (R) RF
2. Dustin Pedroia (R) 2B
3. Xander Bogaerts (R) SS
4. David Ortiz (L) DH
5. Hanley Ramirez (R) 1B
6. Travis Shaw (L) 3B
7. Brock Holt (L) LF
8. Jackie Bradley Jr. (L) CF
9. Christian Vazquez (R) C

New York Yankees:

Nathan Eovaldi (R)

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF
2. Aaron Hicks (S) CF
3. Starlin Castro (R) 2B
4. Mark Teixeira (S) 1B
5. Carlos Beltran (S) DH
6. Dustin Ackley (L) RF
7. Chase Headley (S) 3B
8. Didi Gregorius (L) SS
9. Austin Romine (R) C