Nothing says Football more then the LFL. Hey, the way Roger Goodell is  running the NFL this might be a league that stays around for awhile. In the LFL you can still tackle, still hit the QB, and still play defense.

Now if you are a fan of woman playing rough and wearing skimpy clothing a video game could be up next.

Due out for 2014 a video game featuring the Lingerie Football league. I am not kidding. Imagine how well this game will sell. Imagine the fine camera work.

Yes fellas you can be the QB right behind the center taking the snap. Perhaps you can be the tight end. Get to know the players while you play. Talk about diversity.

The LFL has issues of course. The teams in the USA will shut down play for the 2013 season. No they haven't run out of hot ladies to compete, or lingerie to wear. Just owners with deep pockets. But the league will continue with an Australian version this year. No word whether they will be televised in the United States. But this game can help you keep the dream alive-many of the dreams.

I can only imagine the ideas of where to place cameras for this video game. keep it clean guys :)

All jokes aside this league gets rough at times. So heated that in a recent 'all star game' the opposing coaches almost got into a full scale brawl. The girls love to hit each other and get rough. Who cares about fundementals really! Who cares about completion percentages, rushing yards, yards after catch and all those NFL stats that we get all caught up in.

I think an LFL video game can give Madden video gamesa run for their money. Have you seen what Americans spend for porn every year. It's a multi BILLION dollar buisness. Nothing in Madden 13 can compete with that. And think at no point will the disaster Goodell suspend anyone for "bounties". In fact gamers it will be encouraged :)