Jets On Short List Of Teams With Chance To Add Antonio Brown
The relationship between the Pittsburgh Steelers and All Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown seem to have reached their breaking point. Brown publicly asked to be traded and Vegas has set the odds on the favorites to land the WR. Jets may not be the favorite but they're one of 14 teams…
The Yankees Are Favorites To Win It All In 2019
I just told you my "Five Reasons The Yankees Will Win the World Series" and Las Vegas agrees. The Yankees were a top three team last season and potentially improved this year so Vegas odds makers BetOnline has set the Yankees as a 6/1 favorite just over the Red Sox and Astros at 7/1.
Did The Polar Vortex Make The World Far Less Stinky?
In case you were unaware I have no love for the insect community. Whether it's Ticks or Stink Bugs I'd prefer they were all gone. Little multi legged disease carrying smelly jerks ruin Summer and warmer months. I feel like they're always getting stronger and growing in number but we m…
Five Reasons The Yankees Will Win The World Series
Spring Training is getting under way across Major League Baseball and right this very moment every fan base has hope...well maybe not Baltimore and Miami. Last year we saw the "Super Teams" rise to the top as three teams won 100 or more games and ultimately the Boston Red Sox were able to …

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