Darren Clarke won the British Open on Sunday for his first ever major championship. He held off some challenges from Americans Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson, who both finished tied for second.

Can Darren Clarke be a consistent contender in majors? How did the rest of the Americans do?

While the British Open is famous for its links-style of golf and history, the Americans dominated this event. Americans filled out the top 5 with the exceptions of Clarke and Bjorn. This group includes Mickelson, Johnson, Fowler, Campbell, and Kim.

It was quite the achievement for Darren Clarke, who has been a PGA journeyman for his professional career. Especially on this big stage, he impressively was able to hold off his competition and maintain his lead. Though don't come to expect this performance out of Clarke in the future. Previously he hasn't posted a victory since the 90s! Over the last decade he's made the majority of the cuts but that's been about it on his resume. He last finished 2nd at an event in 2010 named "The Shark Shootout".

This British Open did show the world that other golfers can step up and create a buzz. I think seeing the pack of Americans jockeying for position shows that there will be great competition and drama, which is what the PGA needs to see as ratings have been significantly down with the absence of Tiger Woods. The golf world is still awaiting their next super star that will attract viewers and best market the sport. But for now, it's a good short story in Darren Clarke.