These NBA playoffs, including an epic game two between the Celtics and Heat have been great, however academic. The NBA champs will be the San Antonio Spurs. If you haven't come to realize that yet you will.

Sure Oklahoma City is very talented and exciting. The Heat have those 2 great guards and some useful other pieces. The C's have 3 hall of famers and perhaps a 4th in the amazing Rondo. All these teams are good in many ways-and all playing for 2nd place.

In just a few weeks it will be the 5th NBA crown for the Spurs. By the way picked them right at the start so this is no "reaction" to their 20 game win streak.

No it is clear while enjoying the chase who the champ will be-The Spurs. After they win the crown the debate will start-is this the best Spurs team-EVER

The Spurs have been very fortunate in addition to being very good. To win 2 NBA lotteries and get David Robinson AND Tim Duncan is great fortune but both those guys have been major pieces not the only piece.

The 1st Spurs champion after a few years of flaming out featured Robinson, Duncan, Sean Elliot, Mario Elle, and Avery Johnson. The bench was basically Will Purdue, Malik Rose,Jerome Kersey, Jaren Jackson and Antonio Daniels. A nice team featuring the towers but I will take this years Spurs team in total. Just start with Ginobili and Parker and that's an easy choice.

The Spurs then won 3 titles in 6 years, taking the title every other year in those 6 years. The 2002-2003 team had the towers, Parker, and Bruce Bowen and Stephen Jackson. The bench was made up of 3 additions. Rose, Ginobili and that legend Speedy Claxton from-yes Hofstra University. Add a pinch of Steve Kerr, Steve Smith, Kevin Willis and that rough tumble Danny Ferry. Yep still with this current squad.

Title 3 had Nazi Mohammed in and the Admiral retired. The starting 5 was Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, and Bruce Bowen. The reserves were mainly Big Shot Bob-Robert Horry, Rasho Nesterovic, big dog Glenn Robinson, Brent Barry and Beno Udrih. Yep still going with this years ball club.

Finally the last Spur title-Duncan, parker, Bowen and add in Michael Finley andFabricio Oberto. Not bad but not this 2011/2012 power house.

This years team is so good and unselfish that Ginobili is happy to come off the bench, a wrinkle that Greg Popovitch the vastly under rated coach added. This years team still has Duncan and he is still incredible. Look at the swoop to the hoop and the windmill destruction in game 2 for how nimble Timmy D still is. The biggest differences are this though. Now the Spurs have great athletes who can get up and down the court and are urged to do so. Parker pushes and Kiwi Leonard, Gary Neal, Tiago Splitter, Daniel Green and Charlotte castoff Boris Diaw. They also have bruiser Dejuan Blair and some other solid pieces.

Unlike Spurs teams of the past this team can run, jump, shoot. What style you want to play cause they will play you and beat you any way you like. Slown down half court-sure. Run and gun-ok. Used to be the Spurs were about half court sets, slown down ball, and the shooting was erratic. This club is deadly any way you want to attack them and play out the 48.

Yes for my money this is the BEST Spurs team EVER and the Alamo City will soon be celebrating another crown, another trophy and this time this team is built for staying power and a possible repeat. Oklahoma City is nice and will be for a few years but they are no match for 1 of the best, and dare I say most exciting and interesting teams we have seen in some time!