Check out Rob Gronkowski and Matt Light blowing off some steam after the New England Patriots lost Super Bowl XLVI 21-17 against the New York Giants.

Nobody is going to confuse these guys with Michael Jackson.  Their dance moves leave a lot to be desired.  Tight end Rob Gronkowski (video above) and left tackle Matt Light (video below) were gyrating around as if they were trying to perform the Heimlich maneuver on themselves.  It wasn't exactly poetry in motion, but hey, dancing around on stage with LMFAO isn't too bad. 

A lot of fans made a big deal out of this.  Many thought that this was a blatant sign of disrespect to go out and party right after the Patriots lost Super Bowl XLVI to the Giants.  I don't view it the same way.  It's a lack of foresight to know how some people might look at their actions.  It's really not much more than that.  It's a couple of guys trying to forget about losing the biggest game of the season.  Big deal.

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