Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee got absolutely de-cleated by Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate on Sunday.  One question remains about plays like this.

Golden Tate rocked Sean Lee during Seattle's 27-7 win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.  One question remains about this hit that Golden Tate delivered; why was it not ruled an illegal hit?  It should've been a personal foul penalty according to former head of officiating, Mike Pereira.  He stated on Twitter, “The hit on Lee is an illegal blindside block.  Lee is considered defenseless, which means you can’t lower your head & hit in head/neck area.”

You see personal foul penalties called every week when defensive backs hit "defenseless" wide receivers across the middle.  Sean Lee is just as "defenseless" as a wide receiver that is not looking at his opponent before getting hit.  It has to be called the same way for both sides.  Hey, if both are deemed to be legal hits, great, but wide receivers like Golden Tate shouldn't be able to get away with a hit like this when defensive players get penalized for doing the same thing.

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