Hank Haney and Tiger Woods were a pair in golf for six years.  Together they won 31 times including six majors, but Woods is not happy with his former coaches book that is due out before The Masters.

Tiger Woods and Hank Haney parted ways in 2010.   When the relationship ended Woods probably didn't expect Haney to write a 'tell-all' book about the time Haney spent with him.  That's whats happening though.

Haney has a book coming out just before the Masters called The Big Miss.  It's all about what he saw while coaching Tiger.  Woods calls the book unprofessional, and is surprised that someone he trusted as a friend would do something like this.  One can only imagine that while Haney maintains that there are positives in the book, there are also negatives, negatives that Woods would probably like to put behind him but can't.

Haney's book will hit shelves on March 27th.