If I were this bull, I would be running in the other direction from BURGER KING.

That Is A Guy On A Bull Pulling Up To BK

Yes, there is a good reason why you are seeing the unique sight in the photo below. But it still does not make the photo any less crazy to see. I mean, it is not everyday you see a man on a bull outside the Glens Falls Burger King. Plus, it is still pretty ironic seeing cattle pass by a burger joint in the photo below from Saratoga Flash News.

The Adirondack Stampede Rodeo Is In Glens Falls This Weekend

So why are you seeing the sight above? The Adirondack Stampede Rodeo had a show yesterday at the nearby Cool Insuring Arena and another one today. So you can probably expect to see some more sights like these for the rest of the day today in Glens Falls. But I would not expect to see the bull pulling up to the drive-thru!

Happy Bull Riding Everyone!

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