Levack's Conference Championship Locks [VIDEO]
With only three NFL games left to bet on this season I'm hoping for a very strong finish. The AFC and NFC Conference Championship games are this Sunday and both games have at least a seven point spread. We go into this weekend with a 30 - 23 - 3 record. Here are my Conference Championship locks…
MLB Sign Stealing Controversy Is New Steroid Era
It seems every day there's a new wrinkle added to the Astros cheating scandal that gives the city of Houston and Major League Baseball another black eye amidst the biggest scandal the game has faced since steroids. It has now come out that MLB was in fact onto the Astros and warned them about c…
Carlos Beltran To Step Down As Mets' Manager
The MLB Sign Stealing scandal has claimed yet another manager. New York Mets manager Carlos Beltran has reportedly informed the Mets that he will be stepping down. Beltran was the sole player named in the MLB report about the 2017 Houston Astros stealing signs on their way to a World Series Champion…
Arrest Warrant Issued For OBJ
An Arrest Warrant has been issued for Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr in the state of Louisiana for the charge of simple battery. OBJ was shown in a video where he appears to slap the backside.

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