If historical averages play out, we could be seeing our first snowfall of the season much sooner than you think.

It is way too early to be talking about snow, am I right? Here we are hitting 70 degrees this week, and the Capital Region foliage is just about to peak. From that standpoint, yeah - WAY too early. And we know what lies ahead in winter, so why dwell on it?

But, we are already seeing the cold and snowy winter 2022-2023 weather predictions roll in from forecasters like the Farmer's Almanac which can only mean one thing: as much as we want to push it aside Albany's first snowfall will be here before we know it.

When Will Albany's First Snowfall Arrive?

Now, this is not an exact science, but if we look at the average first snowfall over the years in Albany, we can make a prediction for the first snow of the season. Could be early, could be late - but it is most likely only one month away.

The Date We Can Expect Albany's First Snowfall

As we enjoy the splendor of Fall here in Upstate New York, we all know what is lurking in the near future - snow and winter fun! And guess what? The flakes will be flying and the Weather Channel says we could get that first measurable Albany snowfall in about ONE MONTH!

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