I live in the Town of Halfmoon and I love it. We have so many local restaurants and shops and now a developer is going to make an already popular shopping plaza into something he calls a "walking community".

The Crescent Commons sits just off of Route 9 in Halfmoon before the Route 236 turn and it houses Fred the Butcher in a stand-alone building and more shops within the commons. Michael Klimkewicz is hoping he can get approval for a project to invest fifteen million dollars into improving all of the Crescent Commons according to the Albany Business Review.

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One of the projects would include beefing up Fred the Butcher by adjoining and expanding their building. It would add five thousand feet of retail and space for production.

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The vacant building that sits on the front of the property will house a new restaurant and plans are already underway to convert that building into Emma Jayne's Restaurant.

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The plans also call for more space by building two more floors on top of the already two-story building which would add ten thousand eight hundred more feet. That space would still have retail stores on the first floor but then add apartments on the top three floors. There would be thirty-six to start and then at a later time a four-story addition will add twenty-four more apartments.

There is also a proposal to build access roads from Plank Road and Route 236. There would be garages built for apartment tenants in the Crescent Commons and there would be a retail pad built on Route 236 for development at a later date.

Michael Klimkewicz said the reason for the project:

The primary goal is to make this a walkable community focused for seniors and young professionals.

There is a mobile home park and many of its residents walk to utilize the plaza and the potential to provide more housing and a better, safer connection to the plaza is a priority.

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