What do the Bills do when they get together for OTAs?  From the looks of things, it's more like a family reunion at 1 Bills Drive.

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What are OTA's?

In the NFL, they hold what they call O.T.A.'s.  It stands for Organized Team Activities.  It's a chance for the team to develop a bit of a bond and get some work in.  The activities focus on conditioning, rehab, and sometimes meetings to get people up to speed on the playbook and the schemes that the team intends to use that year.

When are OTA's held?

Each team has a different schedule for when they will hold their activities.  In Buffalo, their OTA's began on April 17th.  The next phase will kick off on May 22nd.

The Bills hold an Epic Tug-O-War Contest

This summer, you might be at a party, whether it's a grad party, a birthday party, or a family reunion where they will have a "Tug-O-War."  You've seen this before, right?  It's the game that just involves a rope with a rag tied to the middle of it.  Each team grabs the rope and when the whistle blows, they tug until the rag makes it to a certain point or the players from the other team are pulled past a line.

The Bills did this the other day and it was pretty awesome to watch.

Special teams player Tyler Matakevich was mic'd up for the whole game and it's pretty obvious that these guys are competitive in everything they do.


Who would you choose to be on your tug-o-war team?

It makes you wonder.  If they were to pick teams for a contest like this and they were picking like they used to in the schoolyard who would you choose?  There would have to be a rule that you'd have to choose from offense, defense, and special teams.  It would be a little unfair if you just got the entire offensive line.

But if you had to choose one player from offense, one from defense, and one from special teams to pull with you, who would you choose from the Bills?

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