Sometimes we take social media for granted. You see funny tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram videos and forget that it takes creativity and effort to put some of them together.

The Buffalo Bills social media team is among the best in the world of professional sports and they made another outstanding social media post surrounding their fifth-round draft pick in the 2021 NFL Draft on Saturday.

The Bills selected offensive tackle Tommy Doyle from Miami (OH) with pick number 161.

Not long after, the Bills tweeted this video; and if you love the '90s and love Adam Sandler movies, then you'll appreciate this.

They used clips from Billy Madison with Tommy Doyle's head cropped on the "O'Doyle" family in the movie...and it's hilarious. O'Doyle rules!

The Bills social media people need a raise.

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I love Billy Madison and most of Sandler's early comedies. Yeah, they're stupid movies, but sometimes you just want to watch a film and laugh. Billy Madison qualifies.

In terms of the NFL Draft, it ends later on Saturday and the Bills pick four more times; three times in round six, and once in round seven.

The Bills took edge rusher Gregory Rousseau in round one, edge rusher Carlos "Boogie" Basham Jr. in round two, and offensive tackle Spencer Brown in round three. They did not have a fourth-round pick.

O'Doyle rules and Go Bills!

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