I will probably live to regret this piece later on but putting my superstition aside the numbers say the Rangers have a good chance to keep their season alive and get out of Boston Saturday with a win.

The Rangers, if nothing else, and there is plenty of reasons, have proven resilient in win or go home games. In fact over the last 2 seasons the Rangers are 7-1 in those exact situations.

So far this post season the Rangers are 3-0 in win or the season is over games. They defeated the Washington Capitals twice in must win games and then came off the deck on Thursday in a memorable victory at home 4-3 in overtime.

Here is what the Rangers accomplished besides rolling being able to put  on the skates and pads today. They finally won an overtime game. If Henrik Lundqvist has  1 huge blemish on his record it was the 3-12 OT record even if he shouldn't take the blame for all those losses. It is his record and it isn't pretty

Let's also hope the Rangers found a solid 1st line combination and that Chris Krieder is prepared to step back into the lime light after a terrible season  lowlighted by several benchings, a couple of demotions, and mostly unproductive minutes. Kreider redirected the game winner to keep the season alive Thursday. Let's hope that Rick Nash has finally found someone to click with  and finally get his scoring  in gear. Nash has but 1 goal in the playoffs. Compared to Tyler Seguin and Jonathan Toews that might nopt look so bad. For the goal starved Rangers and their even hungrier power play it is a red flag. Nash needs to step up his game and stop disappearing for long stretches if the Rangers plan on making history.

The Rangers face a predicament made mostly of their dismal play for 5 periods of listless and sloppy play spanning from the 3rd period of game 2 all the way through period 1 of game 4. For some reason their greasy, grimy, grinding game went south at the worst time. Then the hockey God's bestowed a gift in the form of Tuuka Rask being stuck on his tookas and not being able to get back in goal to stop a seemingly harmless shot on goal. The grime and grind just re-appeared and the Rangers stunted the impending golf tee time awaiting them.

that 7-1 record though stands out to me as  a mark of a team that wants to keep tolling out the pucks and pads for another 60 minutes in the hopes of making NHL history as only the 4th team to rally from 0-3 down. the Bruins were one of those 3 teams on the wrong side of history and it was Rask who minded the net for Boston, coming just 3 season ago by the Philadelphia Flyers.

Let's hope this isn't the final nail in the Rangers coffin and hopes for a Stanley Cup!


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