Fresh off an April snow, let's look ahead to the weather that will make what happened today absolutely impossible.

If there is one thing an April snowfall will do, it will make you yearn for the sweltering hot days that would make snow absolutely impossible. You know, the kinds of hot days that will have you missing winter!

After over a foot of snow in higher elevations and a mess of power outages and down trees everywhere else, it is time to look ahead to the summer months and how hot they could be. Based on what has felt like a few mild seasons behind us this past winter and fall, will the warmer than normal trend continue here in Upstate New York?

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How Hot Will It Be In Albany This Summer?

The Weather Channel just released their outlook for summer 2022, and to put it in simplest terms - it looks like it will be a hot one, especially in August.

In fact, spring is going to lead into summer with a chance for slightly warmer than average temperatures. You can expect the same in June and July, but things get really hot in August,

The Weather Channel says August will have the highest deviation from average temperatures and will be reminicnet of last Augustm which was on of the hottest on record throughout the Northeast.

So there ya have it, just what you need to cure those cold-weather blues coming off a snowstorm. You will be wishing for a quick return of days like today sometime in mid-August!

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