Why in the world would Carmelo Anthony want to play for the Knicks next season? Knicks President Phil Jackson made it perfectly clear on Friday that they want Melo out. If you're Anthony and you care at all about winning games, you should want to play on another team. Melo likes New York and so does his wife, but he needs to accept a trade to a team that will make the playoffs and has a chance of winning a championship. Enough is enough.

In his attempt to drive Anthony out of New York, Jackson is risking alienating his other star, Kristaps Porzingis. Reportedly frustrated by the dysfunction and lack of direction within the Knicks franchise, the 7-foot 3-inch forward skipped out on his exit meeting with Jackson. While Porzingis has not yet displayed the consistency to build a team solely around him, he is still a necessary piece if the Knicks are going to climb out of their malaise in the near future.

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