The Carolina Panthers are the favorite heading into Super Bowl 50. But let's not count out Peyton manning and the Denver Broncos. There is one key factor that could put the Panthers over the top and certainly help them win their first Super Bowl.
That X-Factor is on defense in the form of cornerback Cortland Finnegan. The high-tempered corner will have the responsibility of stopping one of the Broncos most dangerous weapons in Emmanuel Sanders. The wideout is a big factor on 3rd Down as her has 26Rec and 4TD's on the pivotal down this year and with Peyton manning trying to get the ball out of his hands quickly to negate the vaunted Panthers pass rush, stopping Sanders will be important for the Panthers to do should they emerge victorious in Super Bowl 50. With the loss of Charles "peanut" Tillman, Finnegan is the next man up. A former top corner with the Titans and Rams, Finnegan has gone against top receivers in the past, so his experience will be vital come Sunday.