This is one of those debates that makes zero sense to me! Die Hard is not only one of the best action movies of all time but it's also a Christmas movie. Some people seem to believe you can't be both but that's just plain silly and you deserve coal in your stocking. Here are five reasons that should remove any doubt and firmly plant anyone who reads this in the festive camp of Die Hard Christmas movie fans (see what I did there?).

5. DID YOU NOT SEE THE DECORATIONS AND HEAR THE MUSIC?! Sorry for yelling but REALLY? I mean REALLLLLYYY?! The Christmas spirit is everywhere from start to finish, I mean the wife's name is HOLLY McClane!!!

4. A key plot point to the movie is how few people are at Nakatomi plaza and how few police officers will be readily available to stop Hans Gruber and his team of mercenaries because it's Christmas. They also know they'll have access to who and what they need based on the Christmas party.

3. The final scene is clearly set to resemble snow falling. They create a snowing effect in LA for the love of all that is holy and you still think it's not a Christmas movie?!

2. The sole reason for Detective John McClane's trip is to spend Christmas with his wife and kids! If not for Christmas he wouldn't even be in the same state as the famed Nakatomi Plaza!

1. The entire film takes place on Christmas Eve, which is referenced nonstop for the entire 132 minutes of the film.

Bonus content is this great meme:

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